15 Ideas for Christmas Gifts for Your Horse

For the most part, horse owners don’t really need a holiday or special occasion to spoil their horses with a gift. (We definitely fall into this category!) But the Christmas holiday is most DEFINITELY the PERFECT excuse to spoil that special equine in your life with an extra gift (or four). Check out our list below of some great ideas for Christmas gifts for your horse.

We have polled our fellow horse-owning friends and scoured the internet for some great gift ideas for your horse. This Christmas holiday season, treat your four-legged friend to an extra treat or present. You can find gifts that your horse is sure to love at any price point. Some of these gifts lean towards the practical side, while others are purely meant to pamper and spoil!

Christmas Gifts for Horses

  1. Plush Horse Blanket: Wrap your horse in warmth and comfort with a cozy, high-quality horse blanket. Choose a style and color that suits their personality. Choose between winter blankets or turnout blankets depending on your need and weather.
  2. Basket of Horse Treats: Indulge your horse’s sweet tooth with a variety of delicious treats, from apples to carrots and everything in between. Try your hand at homemade horse treats or put together a horse treat bucket with a variety of their favorites.
  3. Personalized Leather Halter: Give your horse a snazzy look with a personalized leather halter that features their name or your farm’s name.
  4. Equine Massage: Treat your horse to a professional equine massage or pick up a massage roller for regular relaxation sessions.
  5. Fly Mask: Keep pesky insects at bay with a new fly mask that also offers UV protection.
  6. Personalized Stall Sign: Make your horse feel like royalty with a personalized stall sign that bears his name and any other special details you’d like to include.
  7. Interactive Horse Toy: Entertain your horse with a toy designed to alleviate boredom and stimulate mental activity. Some of our favorites include – Jolly Ball, Jolly Hay Ball Stall Toy, and the Stall Snack Treat Holder.
  8. Horse-Themed Subscription Box: Sign up for a subscription service that delivers wellness products and treats to your horse every month. Check out our review of SaddleBox subscription boxes.
  9. Grooming Kit: Replace old and broken down brushes with new, soft, comfy grooming tools! You can also add a pop of color to your grooming routine with a set of high-quality brushes and tools.
  10. New Halter and Lead Rope: Replace old, worn-out gear with a fresh new halter and lead rope in your horse’s (okay, or your) favorite color.
  11. Relaxing Aromatherapy Diffuser: Create a soothing atmosphere in the stable with an aromatherapy diffuser. Research some of the best essential oils for horses and how to use them. As always, consult your vet before introducing oils to your horse’s routine.
  12. Custom-Designed Saddle Pad: Show off your horse’s unique style with a personalized saddle pad in fun patterns and colors.
  13. Durable Feed Bucket: Upgrade your horse’s meal-time experience with a durable, easy-to-clean feed bucket.
  14. Cooling Leg Wraps: Treat your hard working horse to some cooling relief with cooling leg wraps. These wraps are stored in the fridge or freezer and help with swelling and inflammation on a horse’s legs.
  15. Trail Riding Adventure: Does your horse love to explore spaces and trails outside of the ring? Treat your horse to an exciting day of trail riding in a new and scenic location.

We hope that this list helps to give you some fun and different ideas of great gift ideas for horses! This list isn’t just specific to the Christmas holiday. Horse owners know that we don’t need a special holiday to gift something to our horse! Use these suggestions for holidays, birthdays or any days that end with the word “day.”

Have a suggestion that is not on our list? We’d love to hear it! Drop us a comment below and tell us about it.

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