How to Win in Devon Horse Show’s Leadline Class

Every year the Dixon Oval at the Devon Horse Show in Devon, PA fills with some of the cutest riders you have ever seen. In classes that typically top 50 riders, there are only 8 placings up for grabs. Here are some tips that you can try if you are hoping to place in that … Read more

How to Be a Good Horse Show Spectator

horse show crowd

I have had so many different experiences while standing around the horse show ring. Some good, some bad. Many (if not most) of my bad horse show experiences are tied directly to the poor choices and behavior of fellow spectators (usually parents). Check out our list of do’s and don’ts before you head to your … Read more

10 Things to Do the Day Before a Horse Show

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Horse Show Days are long, fun, activity-filled and can also be downright exhausting! The more prep work you do before the show, the better. We like to use the day before a horse show to get as many things packed and prepared as possible. Check out our tips for what items to cross off your … Read more

All About Horse Show Ribbons (Colors and Placings)

Let’s jump right into some Horse Show 101 for this post and talk about: RIBBONS! Have you ever wondered what the different colors stand for when it comes to horse show ribbons? Let’s find out! Ribbons are Traditional Horse Show Prizes Every year after a hockey tournament, my son walks away with a medal and/or … Read more

Horse Show Survival Kit: What to Pack

Horse Show Survival Kit

When you or your child enters the world of horse showing, you will learn quickly that anything that can happen, might. You will also learn that the more prepared you are, the better. On horse show days, we pack our supplies the night before and triple check them before leaving home. Check out our suggestions … Read more

When Your Leadline Rider Only Wants a PINK Ribbon

Pink Horse Show Ribbon PIN

If you have ever witnessed a leadline class at a horse show, be it a big show or a small, local show, you know that sometimes it’s all about the ribbon color (and NOT the placing) for these tiny riders. In fact, on more than one occasion, I have watched the blue ribbon winner cry … Read more

Lessons I Learned By Being a Horse Show Dad


Do you know a great horse show dad or two? Amazing horse show dads are worth their weight in gold, for many reasons. Our very favorite horse show dad shared some insight with us about how he entered the world of horses (and why he has stayed)! How did I get here? I didn’t grow … Read more

Why Do Girls Wear Horse Show Hair Bows?

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Have you ever wondered why kids have to wear certain parts of a horse show outfit? Read on to learn about horse show bows and why young equestrians often wear them. As you pack your horse show bag the night before a horse show, if you have a kiddo with long hair, you will want … Read more

Horse Show Packing List Printable Checklist

Horse Show Packing List Checklist HERO

Horse shows are hard work. And we aren’t just talking about the riding lessons in the weeks prior to the show or the horse trailering to get to the show, though they are certainly part of it. The actual show prep and packing can take a lot of time and energy as well.  Grab our … Read more

How to Dress Your Child for an English Horse Show

brass ring horse show braids

So, your young equestrian has reached an exciting part in his or her riding career: a horse show!  Horse shows are a fun way to show off your equestrian skills and know-how.  And like so many other sports and disciplines, the outfit is EVERYTHING. We will walk you step by step through how to dress … Read more