Horse Show Ribbon Craft

Make Your Own Horse Show Ribbons HERO

Look at this adorable and colorful horse show themed craft! Make your own horse show ribbon, complete with a pretty rosette at the top. Follow our tutorial below to make these DIY horse show ribbons. Horse Show Ribbons The most popular choice for horse shows when it comes to prizes are colorful ribbons! Even though … Read more

DIY Mini First Aid Kit for Horse Shows

DIY Mini First Aid Kit

Grab a few simple supplies from the dollar store and make this mini first aid kit. It’s small and compact, perfect for your horse show bag. First Aid Supplies for Horse Shows Last week I was cruising through our local dollar store. I was picking up last minute items for an away show we are … Read more

Tissue Paper Horse Suncatcher Craft

Horse Suncatcher HERO

Suncatchers are the perfect way to decorate just about any window. They are colorful and translucent. When sunlight filters through the suncatcher, the end result is very pretty! You can make a suncatcher craft very easily – with just glue, tissue paper and wax paper! Follow the directions below to make your own horse suncatcher … Read more

Horseshoe Dreamcatcher Craft

Horse Shoe Dreamcatcher HERO

This fun DIY idea puts a distinctly equestrian spin on a traditional decoration. Follow the directions below to make a horseshoe dreamcatcher. You can use a real horseshoe if you have access to one, or construct a “shoe” from cardboard! Origin of the Dreamcatcher You are probably familiar with the idea of a dreamcatcher. The … Read more

Horse Themed Painted Rocks

Horse themed painted rocks HERO

Grab some rocks and different colored paints for a fun equestrian themed art activity! Check out the horse themed painted rocks that we made and use them for inspiration. Painting rocks is a wonderful activity that both kids AND adults will enjoy! When you are finished, you can keep the rocks or hide them around … Read more

DIY Horse Show Essentials Kit for Riders

Horse Show Rider Supply Kit Jump Class

On a horse show day, having all of the supplies you may or may not need can take a lot of stress out of the equation. Check out our list below and see how we put together this DIY kit. Our DIY horse show essentials kit for riders holds more than 2 dozen different supplies … Read more

Pony Party Candy Buffet

Pony party candy buffet HERO

Throwing a pony party? Or perhaps a western themed party or barnyard animal themed party? This cute general store candy buffet setup is easy to set up and looks so cheerful and inviting. Guests will have a blast “shopping” at the candy store for their party favors! Pony Party Planning When our daughter was younger, … Read more

Rocking Horse Paper Craft

Rocking Horse HERO

This rocking horse paper craft is a fun one for kids and adults alike! We have a material list, printable template and step by step directions below that you can use to make your own rocking horse. Give it a try the next time you are in the mood to create! The next time you … Read more

Pony Poop Party Favors + Printable Tags

Pony Poop Treat Bags HERO

Looking for a fun and easy party favor for your horse themed party? Check out these hilarious pony poop favors! Use our printable bag toppers for the perfect finishing touch! Horse Themed Party Favors Chances are probably pretty good that you landed on this page looking for a horse themed party favor. You are in … Read more

DIY Unicorn Corner Bookmark Craft

Unicorn Bookmark on Open Book feature

Gather up some supplies and try your hand at this DIY unicorn corner bookmark craft! It is a fairly simple and quick craft, and we have step-by-step photo directions below to help with the origami paper folding. The end result is a cute and functional bookmark that you can use over and over again. Unicorn … Read more