Spring Cleaning Must-Haves for Your Horse Barn

Feature Spring Cleaning at the Stable

Spring has sprung, and with it comes the promise of warmer weather, blooming flowers, and, yes, the much-needed spring cleaning of your horse barn. As horse owners, we understand that the health and happiness of our equine friends are paramount, and a clean, well-organized barn is a key component. So, dust off your work boots, … Read more

10 Sweet Valentine’s Gifts for Your Horse


Valentine’s Day isn’t just for humans – it’s a perfect time to show some extra love to our four-legged companions, especially our wonderful horses. After all, they’re not just pets or sports partners; they’re part of the family. In this post, I’ll share some heartwarming and creative Valentine’s gift ideas for your equine friends. Love … Read more

10 Ways to Bond with Your Horse During the Winter Months


Winter, with its frosty mornings and snowy landscapes, often presents a unique set of challenges for horse owners and riders. The icy conditions, short days, and cold temperatures might make it seem like opportunities for bonding with your equine friend are limited. However, winter can actually be a wonderful time to strengthen your connection with … Read more

10 Fun Christmas Games on Horseback

The holiday season is here, and what better way to celebrate than by incorporating the holiday theme into your riding lessons? In this blog post, we have a sleigh-full of Christmas-themed games designed for horseback riders of all ages and levels. These games and activities would be perfect for lessons the week before Christmas! Christmas … Read more

Fall and Christmas Horse Photoshoot Tips

Horse with Holiday wreath and lights

Once the very first leaves start to change colors, my thoughts shift to this year’s Christmas card pictures. We have taken pictures in all different spots with all different themes over the years. From Disney to the beach to our own backyard, I never know which picture(s) from the year will end up being the … Read more

Exploring Types of Arena Horse Jumps


If you’re not sure how to tell a crossrail from a cavaletti, you’re in the right place! There are many different types of horse jumps and designs. Some equestrians have a favorite kind of jump to jump while others prefer a variety of jumps in their course. Keep reading to learn about some of the … Read more

Saddle Up for Sweater Weather: 10 Horse Activities Perfect for Fall


Fall days mean cooler temperatures and brilliant foliage everywhere you look. The summer heat gives way to some of the most idyllic weather on earth. You can get ready for fall by planning some fun seasonal activities to enjoy with your horse! Check out our list below to get the ideas flowing! Fall Horse Fun … Read more

Halloween Fun: Trick or Treating with Horses

Lily Trick or Treating with Candy Cauldrons

As the leaves start to turn colors and the temps dip a little lower, fall arrives every year with relief from the summer’s heat. The cooler days and lower humidity gives horseback riders the chance to enjoy plenty of time outdoors on rides. If you are looking for an entertaining Halloween themed lesson activity in … Read more

Landsafe Equestrian Safety Clinic Review


Anyone who has spent time in the equestrian world knows that it is both an enjoyable and a dangerous sport. Falls from horses can result in everything from a bruised ego to a catastrophic injury or even death. So what if there was a set of techniques that could be learned that could possibly help … Read more

Tips for Seeing Wild Horses in Corolla, NC

Wild horses 2 corolla

The wild horses of Corolla, NC (the northern tip of the Outer Banks) are as iconic to the town as the ocean waves! Trying to catch a glimpse of these horses is a popular activity for visitors. Learn more about the wild horses and how to (safely!) try to see some on your next trip. … Read more