10 Awesome Breyer Horses to Start Your Collection

If you have a horse or pony fan, whether she rides horses or just dreams of riding, Breyer Horses are a GREAT gift idea! There are so many amazing Breyer horses to choose from. Check out our round up of some great Breyers to start off (or add to) a collection!

Breyer Horse Collection

Growing up in the 1980s, most of my girlfriends were obsessed with Barbie Dolls. I was NOT.  I could not stand Barbies and they were never my first choice when it came to playtime. Thankfully, there was another great option available for horse-crazed kiddos such as myself: BREYER HORSES. If you have never held a Breyer Horse in your hands, the quality and attention to detail on these models might surprise you. They are beautifully made and incredibly solid and sturdy.

Because they are so solid and sturdy, Breyers make a great toy for kids to enjoy. And because they are so beautifully crafted, they also make gorgeous display pieces.

Breyer has been around for a long time (the first horse was made in 1950). There are SO many incredible models to choose from. Many of the earliest Breyer Horses have been long-since retired and are now considered collector items. They can fetch a handsome price on sites like Ebay and sometimes pop up at antique and vintage shops.

Breyer Offers Several Model Sizes

You might have noticed that there are several different sizes in the Breyer lineup.

Here is a quick rundown of the most common sizes you might find:

  • Stablemates: These horses are 1:32 scale.
  • Little Bits: These horses are a 1:24 scale.
  • Classic/Freedom: These horses are a 1:12 scale.
  • Traditional: These horses are a 1:9 scale.

Popular Breyer Models Currently Available

Check out these beautiful Breyer models to kickstart your (or your child’s) collection!

Breyer Traditional Series Avatar’s Jazzman

Breyer Traditional Series Avatar's Jazzman

Breyer Freedom Series National Velvet Horse and Book Set Book Series

Breyer Traditional Series American Quarter Horse

Breyer Classics Wild Blue: Book and Horse Toy Set

Wild Blue Breyer Horse

Breyer Freedom Series (Classics) Buckskin Hanoverian

Breyer Freedom Series (Classics) Barrel Racing Horse Playset

Breyer Horses Traditional Series Peptoboonsmal Champion Cutting Horse

Breyer Freedom Series (Classics) Spotted Wonders Horse and Foal Toy Set

Breyer Snowman Famous Show Jumper

Breyer Traditional Series Secretariat Horse with Base

Some of our favorite older Breyers

As you might imagine, we have amassed a pretty sizable collection of Breyer horses over the last 40 years! They are fun to look at and play with, and of course we love adding to our collection with new pieces as well.

Here are a couple of our very favorite older models. They can still be found in stores now and then, but the stock is not always consistent.

Misty of Chincoteague is certainly one of the most famous ponies of all time!  We have the Breyer Misty and somewhere around here we also have her foal. They came together as a set. Check it out here: Breyer Traditional Series Misty & Stormy Model & Book Set.

Misty of Chincoteague Breyer Horse

Pluto the Lipizzaner was one of my childhood favorites, especially after catching a performance of the Royal Lipazzaner Stallions of Vienna when they were on tour in the US. This beautiful Breyer is still among my favorites, though it’s tough to find one for purchase.

Pluto Lipizzaner Breyer

I’m sure this will not be the first post about Breyers that we do on this site. Keep an eye on our favorite things page for future posts. Do you collect Breyers? Which models are your favorites?

We also found this awesome Breyer Paint Your Own Horse Craft Activity Set – what a cool gift idea for your favorite Breyer-loving kid!


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