Breyer Horse Unicorn Advent Calendar | 2022 Full Reveal

We are unboxing the Breyer Horse Unicorn Advent Calendar! Check out the beautiful collection of unicorns that we found in this year’s toy advent calendar. Definite spoilers ahead!

Breyer Calendar Thumb

Evolution of the Advent Calendar

Back when I was a kid… advent calendars were a simple affair. The most common advent calendar that I can remember was a simple, flat calendar with a small piece of rather stale chocolate behind each door.

The times have certainly changed and advent calendars have taken on a life of their own. Incredibly popular with the kid crowd, toy advent calendars are a hot seller each and every holiday season. By the time the 24th of December rolls around, kids have a fun scene filled with LEGO or Playmobil or Breyer or insert-brand-here figures and props. They are a fun way to count down to Christmas and we have bought a bunch over the last few years.

Horse Advent Calendars

For the horse lover, a quick search of the interwebs reveals horse themed advent calendars for both rider AND trusty steed!

Here are some that we found:

Breyer Horse Advent Calendars

Every year Breyer comes out with a new toy calendar. These calendars typically feature the “Mini Whinnie” sized Breyer horses, which are 1:64 scale models. They are cute and compact – perfect for small boredom buster toys.

We picked up the 2022 Breyer Horse advent calendar. This year’s calendar is a unicorn theme!

Breyer Unicorn Advent Calendar Front Box 2022

Breyer Mini Whinnies Advent Calendar

Breyer Unicorn Advent Calendar Back of Box 2022

It features 24 days of surprises with 15 unicorns. The other doors contain some mini accessories, including a fence, tack box, barn cat, grooming tools, trophy, blue ribbons, a pond, water tank, and a couple hay and alfalfa bales.

Watch Unboxing Video

Here is the unboxing video that we made as we opened up the doors on this calendar!

Reveal in Pictures

Here are some pictures of the contents of this toy advent calendar.

We thought that the 2022 Breyer advent calendar was a fun one! We loved the unicorn theme and all of the different unicorns. Our very favorite unicorns were the translucent ones that have sparkles in them!

Breyer Unicorn advent horses reveal

2022 Breyer Unicorns Advent 1

2022 Breyer Unicorns Advent 2

If you pick up a 2022 Breyer advent calendar, let us know that you thought about the contents! What is your favorite theme for an advent calendar? Leave us a comment and tell us about it! 


2022 Breyer Unicorn Advent Calendar PIN

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