Big List of Books for Equestrians

Browse through any bookstore and you are sure to find hundreds of books on horses. Some books will be non-fiction reads, others are fiction novels featuring horses. From technical manuals to light, anecdotal storybooks, there are plenty of books for equestrians to choose from!

Books for Equestrians

We have rounded up some great books for equestrians that you can check out for yourself or to gift to your favorite horseback rider. Book titles are broken down by different topics and subjects to help you narrow down your search!

Horse Breeds Books

Many equestrians have a deep interest in different horse breeds. They enjoy learning about different breeds, their characteristics, and histories. You can read books that cover many breeds or you can hone in on one specific breed.

Books about horse breeds:

Horse Care and Health Books

Having a basic understanding of how to care for and maintain their horse’s health is essential for any horse owner. It is also helpful knowledge for anyone who rides or spends time around horses regularly. Heath and care topics include nutrition, grooming, hoof care, dental care, and equine first aid.

Books about horse care and health:

Equine Training Books

Riders continually strive to improve their horsemanship skills. You will find many books written with this goal in mind. Check out books on horse training, natural horsemanship and groundwork.

Books about equine training:

Equine Behavior Books

What if you could know what your horse was thinking? That would be helpful, wouldn’t it! Unfortunately, there’s no way to actually know your horse’s thoughts… BUT understanding equine behavior can help riders to understand and communicate with their horses better!

Books about equine behavior:

Horseback Riding Techniques Books

Equestrians frequently seek information on various riding disciplines. These disciplines include: dressage, show jumping, eventing, western riding, and more. Some riders concentrate on just one discipline while others enjoy a variety of riding types.

Books about horseback riding techniques:

Horse History and Heritage Books

Horses have played a crucial role in society for centuries! Reading about the history of horsemanship, including the development of riding styles, tack and equipment, and the role of horses in various cultures can make for interesting reading!

Books about horse history and heritage:

Horse Stories and Horse Memoirs

Stories and memoirs written by fellow riders and trainers are a great choice for reading material. These books often share personal experiences, challenges, and triumphs in the equestrian world.

Popular Horse Stories and Memoirs

Books about Horse Competitions and Events

You can read about all kinds of different horse competitions and events! Enjoy a recap of the Olympic games or read up on the history of a famous racetrack.

Horse Competitions and Events Books

Trail Riding and Travel Books

If you enjoy exploring the great outdoors on horseback, there are plenty of great reads available to learn more about safe trail riding and horse-friendly travel destinations.

Books about Trail Riding and Travel

Equestrian Fiction

Fictional stories that revolve around horses and riding are a great reading choice for equestrians! These novels often capture the bond between riders and their horses and may include elements of adventure or perseverance. Sometimes equestrian fiction is loosely based on real events.

Equestrian Fiction Books

There are way too many great equestrian fiction books to list, but here are a handful:

So many book choices! We hope these horse book suggestions help you fill your kindles and library bags! Let us know if you have a favorite equestrian book that we didn’t mention. We would love to hear about it!


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