Best Winter Equestrian Gear to Keep Your Rider Warm

When the snow falls and the winds are howling, only the most dedicated equestrians keep up with their regular riding schedule. That doesn’t mean they aren’t freezing! Fortunately, there are some great products that can help to cut down on the cold. Check out our round up of some of the best winter equestrian gear to keep your rider warm!

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Winter Horseback Riding

Every year when it’s boiling hot in the summer and the humidity is soaring, I try to remind myself that it’s still better than winter. I’m specifically referring to weather conditions that occur while I am ringside watching my daughter at her weekly riding lessons. Spring, summer, fall, all of them have different weather features and yes, summer heat can be brutal. But during those winter months when the sun is setting before she even gets home from school, the dark and the cold are enough to do me in.

Now of course, as a spectator I can bundle up all I want! I can add as many layers as I need. I can wear bulky winter boots and fluffy hats and warm woolen mittens. It’s a different case, however, for my little rider. Yes, she can bundle up a good deal. But seeing as how she has to actually be able to move around and ride the horse, she can’t really layer up as much as I can. Fortunately, there are some great options these days when it comes to winter equestrian gear!

Check out this list of our favorites!

Best Winter Equestrian Gear for Kids

Battery-Operated Heated Sweatshirt – Great for an outer layer or to wear under a jacket, this sweatshirt uses a rechargeable battery and heats up with the push of a button!

Battery-Operated Heated Socks – Similar to the sweatshirt, check out these heated socks! Thin enough to fit comfortably in most boots, these socks are heated by a small rechargeable battery that fits in a pocket in the top of each sock.

Heat Grabbers – You might already be familiar with the Heat Grabber line of products. They are perfect for sticking in your pocket for instant hand warmers on freezing cold days! We love the Peel ‘n Stick variety which are perfect for sticking on shirts to keep your core warm. Also great are the original hand warmers and toe warmers.

Winter Riding Gloves – The hand grabbers that I mentioned above are great for off-horse moments, but when riding, they aren’t super practical. Invest in a good pair of fleece-lined winter riding gloves to keep hands warmer and more comfortable.

Winter Boots – Perhaps just as important as warm hands are warm FEET! Traditional leather riding boots are thin and not insulated against the winter cold. Fleece-lined riding boots will help to give toes an extra layer of protection from the frigid temps.

Fleece-Lined Winter Breeches– Are you seeing a common characteristic with fleece-lined gear? The fleece makes a great extra layer of warmth on most apparel! Fleece-lined riding pants are cozy and warm!

Fleece Tights – Similar to the fleece-lined winter pants, these tights help to add an extra layer of warmth to the rider’s legs.

Fleece Winter Riding Helmet Cover – These handy helmet covers over a fleece component that covers the back of the rider’s neck and then wraps around to cover her chin as well. They are helpful for blocking some of the cold air and wind that hits the rider’s face as they move around the ring.

Winter Riding Coat – While your average waist-length winter coat will work just fine in most cases, coats made specifically for equestrians in mind offer features like a cut made to allow for seamless movement while in the saddle.

That wraps up our top must-have winter riding gear! Are there any items that you would recommend that aren’t on our list? Leave us a comment below and tell us about them!


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