Best Gifts for Girls who Love Horses

Know a girl who loves horses? Chances are probably pretty good that you know at least one! We have rounded up some of the very best gifts for girls who love horses. So the next time you are looking for a great gift idea, consider something from our list!

Girls and Horses

Girls and horses. A classic, timeless match. I was a girl who loved horses (okay, I still am!), my daughter loves horses, and I personally know at least 100 more girls who love horses thanks to our lesson barn and other nearby farms! Over the years my daughter has attended dozens and dozens of birthday parties for fellow “horse kids” and so we have amassed a great list of those gift ideas over the years.

A few things to consider…

When shopping for a gift for a girl who loves horses, you will want to consider a couple of points as you narrow down the gift choices:

  • How old is she?
  • Does she actually ride horses?
  • If she rides, does she own/lease a horse or does she ride a lesson horse?
  • What discipline does she ride (ie English, Western, Dressage, etc)?
  • What horse items does she already have? (Before purchasing anything, especially something bigger, I definitely recommend running the idea past her parents to make sure she doesn’t already have it. It would also be helpful to know sizes and preferred brands, for example if you wanted to buy a riding helmet or boots.)

Gift Guide Focus

For this guide, we are going to concentrate on the younger aged girl – from about preschool through mid-elementary school. Or in number ages, from about 3-10 years old. You will see some toys, some riding apparel/accessories, and a few other cute items.

In the future I would like to put together another gift guide for tweens and teens.

Best Gifts for Girls who Love Horses

Breyer Horses

Breyer Horses are an incredibly popular toy to gift to a horse girl. Some Breyer owners love playing with their Breyer horses the same way you would play with Barbie or American Girl dolls. Saddle up the Breyers and set up a horse show or other farm scene. Not only are Breyers fun to play with, they are also really beautiful to look at. They make wonderful decor items in a room, simply by sitting on a shelf.

Serious Breyer collectors love buying special edition Breyers and vintage Breyers to add to their collections.

Breyer Horse Collection

Horse Show Bows

If you are shopping for a girl who rides in English style horse shows, a great gift idea is always a pair of horse show bows! (You can read up on these very specific bows right here in this Horse Show Bow 101 post that we wrote.)

We also have a couple of really fun horse show bow bags in our Etsy shop that would pair wonderfully with the bows.

Horse Themed Journal or Notebook

Notebooks are always a great gift idea! A fresh, new notebook is great for recording show results or even using for school or other writing.

Check out some adorable horse notebooks in our shop. You can also peruse amazon for more styles.

Playmobil Toy Horse Sets

If you have never seen a Playmobil toy set, you are in for a real treat! These play sets are really incredible. They come with so many different pieces and really pay attention to the little details.

You can find a number of horse themed Playmobil sets – from traditional horse show sets to kid tv shows like Spirit Riding Free. We have had so much fun with many Playmobil sets, both horse and non-horse themed. They are wonderful non-tech toys that allow for lots of imaginative play!

Schleich Horse Toy Sets

Similar to Playmobil sets, Schleich play sets are also incredibly fun and detailed toys! They have lots of different themes, including a whole line of horses and horse sets.

Their horses are a little heavier and more rugged than the Playmobil horses. They have a completely different style and feel.

Horse Themed Accessory Bags

Another favorite from our Etsy shop, check out our horse themed zipper pouch bags! These bags come in several different designs. They are available in small and large sizes and you can choose between a black zipper or white zipper.

These bags are perfect for holding all kinds of things! They make great pencil cases or can hold small toys. You can also fill them with horse show day essentials.

Horse Books for Kids

There are SO many great horse books out there, it would be hard to list all of our favorites! Here are just a few highlights:

Favorite Horse Picture Books

Horseback Riding Socks

Socks that are specifically made for horseback riding are a great gift idea for your favorite little horseback rider. These socks are typically tall (great for wearing under riding boots and pants) and thin. Look online or at your local tack shop for a wide array of fun colors and patterns on these riding socks!

Kerrits makes a colorful line of youth equestrian socks.

Horse Themed T-Shirts or Sweatshirts

Always a great go-to gift – how about a fun new horse shirt or sweatshirt? We have some great designs in our Etsy shop. You can find lots of options online and in local tack shops!

Water Bottle and Horse Stickers to Put on the Bottle

Pick up a water bottle (our favorite is probably a Hydroflask). These bottles are rugged and work great for school or sports. Give a pack of horse themed stickers with the water bottle so that the gift recipient can pick out her favorite stickers and use them to decorate the bottle!

One word of advice on the sticker packs: I highly recommend going through the stickers before gifting them. Every once in awhile the packs come with a few stickers that might not be appropriate for younger kids. To be on the safe side, I would go through the stickers and pull out any that aren’t age appropriate.

We have another great horse water bottle option – isn’t this one adorable? Grab it in our Etsy store!

Riding lessons at a local barn

This gift is a great one to coordinate with the recipient’s parents! If she is already taking lessons at a specific farm, consider buying a gift certificate (or simply pre-paying) for a lesson or two.

If your giftee is completely new to riding, ask around for a barn that offers lessons to beginners.

Riding Lesson Winter

Gift card to a local tack shop

This gift card will depend on what store options you have near you (or rather, near the person you are gifting a gift card to). You can purchase a gift card to a local shop if you have one. Another option is to purchase a gift card to an online tack shop including these:

If your gift recipient has a specific horse brand that she loves, you could always opt for a gift card to that brand. Popular horse brands include:

tack shop

Pony themed bed sheet set

Sometimes a new bed sheet set is all you need to feel like your bedroom has had a total makeover! There are a bunch of different pony themed bed sheet sets online.

Here are a few that I found after a quick search:

Horse Show Ribbon Display Rack

This gift is perfect for the rider who is already (or will soon be) competing in horse shows. Get a ribbon rack to display their winnings! You can find all kinds of sizes and styles. Some ribbon racks can even be personalized.

Check out Etsy for a great variety.

Horse themed bedroom decoration

There are so many great ideas online for horse themed bedroom decorations! From adorable sayings on wooden signs to sweet picture frames, you can find something to match every theme and color preference.

One example that we really love is this cute horse and girl resin decoration.

We had a lot of fun putting this list together and hope that it helps you decide on a gift! There are so many great gifts for girls who love horses and these are definitely our top picks.

Let us know if you end up choosing one of these gifts to give! Do you have an idea that isn’t on our list? Drop us a comment and tell us about it


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