Best Bags and Organizers for Equestrians

There are bags made specifically for holding just about any possession under the sun, and as you probably know, horseback riders tend to have a lot of “stuff.” So which are the best bags and organizers for equestrians to tote around all of that stuff?

Check out these functional and useful bags that equestrians will actually use. They are perfect for holding all kinds of different riding apparel, accessories and even horse tack.

Best Bags and Organizers for Equestrians

Sometimes I really do stand back and marvel at all of the “stuff” my equestrian daughter has for horseback riding. Now granted, we do own horses, so we certainly have a barnful of things for them. But even just her riding lesson and horse show gear – it’s a LOT! It is not only a lot to keep track of, but it’s also not usually cheap. Horse tack and riding apparel are items that should be taken care of and stored properly to ensure that they last a long time. (Even after your kiddo outgrows her tack and riding clothes, these things retain some value! In gently used condition you can sell off the old to help pay for the new!)

This post came together one night as I watched the lesson kids arrive at the barn and marveled at all of their bags. I thought about the hundreds of horse shows that I have both ridden in and spectated at over my lifetime and yes,  SO. MANY. BAGS. As you might imagine, some bags and organizers are much more useful and helpful than others. So without further ado, here is a rundown of what I have seen work over the years.

Best Bags and Organizers for Equestrians

Let’s look at some of the best options for holding clothing and other riding gear.

Garment Bags

For horse showing, a garment bag is essential for keeping those show clothes clean and wrinkle-free. We use our garment bag pretty much exclusively for holding our daughter’s show coat. She typically wears her other show clothes to the horse show, but the garment bag is a great option for keeping that show coat immaculate until she rides. I suggest getting a garment bag that has a hanger on the top for easy hanging off the horse trailer, car liftgate, etc.

The hanger is also a convenient spot to hang belts and garters before and/or after the show to prevent leaving them behind in the grass by accident.

Here are a couple of good options to consider:

Univivi Lightweight Garment Bag Suit Bag – I like the mesh storage zipper compartments on the front for storing smaller accessories or supplies. The hanger top is a must-have and the metal grommet will help to reinforce the bag a bit while it is hanging.

Simple Houseware 60-Inch Heavy Duty Garment Bag w/Pocket – This bag is similar to the other, though it’s a bit longer. It also has two zipper storage compartments at the bottom for small items. At the top is an ID window and another clear window to provide visibility into the bag.

Sidenote: You can find garment bags made by many specifically-equestrian outfitters, for example this Noble Equestrian garment bag. We have tried several of them over the years and I’ll be honest – the pricey, high-end ones seem to hold up just as good (or bad) as the bargain, online generic ones. We have had the hanger grommet tear and zipper get jammed on a $90 bag quicker than a tear in the $20 bag. So consider the wear and tear that this bag might see and decide what level of investment makes sense for your needs.

Boot Bags

These bags are more common with teen and adult riders who wear tall field boots. A boot bag gives them a spot to store their cleaned and polished boots when they aren’t riding. (Many riders will wear boots like these Bogs to the show/barn and then swap to riding boots before mounting.)

My daughter loves her LeMieux Boot and Helmet Bag and uses it to store her boots and helmet both at home and at shows.

Centaur Classic Plaid Boot Bag – A simple, classic storage and travel bag for tall boots.

There are some options for the paddock boots that are popular with kid riders, though these boots are easy to toss in a backpack or all-in-one type bag and do not require their own bag (see below).

All-in-One Bags

We really love the all-in-one backpack style bags. They are super popular with kids and teens, though I have also seen adults use them.

There are several versions of these bags, but most are about the same in functionality and quality. Under Armour used to make a version for equestrians, but they seem to have discontinued it. We actually had great luck finding an Under Armour soccer backpack years ago and using it for horseback riding gear. (It’s just about identical to the version they used to make for riding.)

Grand Prix Rider’s Backpack – This is a popular backpack to see around the barn. The front mesh pocket is perfect for your rider’s helmet. Spacious pockets all over the rest of the bag make storing paddock boots, extra clothes, first aid supplies, water bottles and more a breeze.

Best Tack Bags for Equestrians

Just like apparel bag options, there are plenty of variations available when it comes to tack storage. Sometimes you have to try a couple brands/styles to see which one will work best for your.

Popular options for tack bags include saddle cover bags and bridle bags.

Saddle Cover Bags

LeMieux Unisex’s GP Jump Saddle Cover – This is a basic saddle cover with elastic edges. It will keep the saddle clean and give it an extra layer of protection from dust and water. Elastic-edged saddle covers are great for quick and easy on-and-off covering (ideal for storage but also when you’re riding and a rain shower hits!).

Bridle Bags

Tough 1 Nylon Bridle and Halter Bag – Simple, no frills, easy to use and store, this bag will keep that clean bridle looking good.

LeMieux ShowKit System Bridle Bag – Here’s a branded option if you happen to like the LeMieux brand (incredibly popular with the tweens these days!). This bag has an extra zipper compartment on the side for small items and a grip handle for easy and comfy carrying.

Best Organizers for Equestrians

There are a bunch of great organizers you can consider to help keep all of your horse accessories and tools safe and in one spot. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Equestrian Zipper Pouches – Okay, okay, we might be a little biased, but these pouches are ADORABLE!!  And yes, they are OUR products that we designed and sell in our Etsy shop.

Check out our horse themed zipper pouches for holding all sorts of little supplies. From show bows to first aid supplies, these bags will work great.

horse show zipper pouch

Hanging Toiletry Bag – These nifty bags are SO HANDY to have on hand, especially at horse shows. Seriously, skim through our horse show survival list and think of how many of those items would fit perfectly in a bag like this! From spare hair ties and show bows to Band-Aids, cash and sunscreen and Shout wipes, you can fit it all in here nicely. Bonus – you can hang it up and the clear pockets give you easy visibility to find what you need right away.

Noble Equestrian EquinEssential Tote – This adorable fabric caddy is as functional as it is flashy looking. The tote will give you a place to store your essential grooming tools and can be carried from car trunk to barn to trailer to horse show.

Personalized Canvas Tote – Here’s a cute gift idea that would also be a great bag for carrying clothes, snacks or other small accessories. You can get it personalized at no extra charge.

horse riding stuff personalized tote

Let us know what your favorite equestrian bags are! Do you have any favorite styles or brands? Drop us a comment and let us know about them! 


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