Barbie Movie Inspired Elf Printable Kit

Are you KENOUGH? Is your ELF? Hop into some silly holiday fun with this Barbie Movie inspired scene for your holiday elf. Check out our ideas below. We have lots of tips for your elf so he can set up this hilarious Mojo Dojo Casa House. And of course, grab our FREE printable kit, featuring all of the printouts picture below AND MORE.


The Holiday Elf

I’m sure most of you are familiar with THE ELF. No, not this elf. The elf pictured above. He likes to… sit on shelves? Riiiiight! THAT elf! Every year, right around Thanksgiving, those little elves infiltrate homes across the world and spend the weeks before Christmas creating all sorts of havoc.

Some elves are pretty boring (no judgement here) while other elves are decidedly a bit extra.

Our elf has been known to be pretty extra, and this example is no exception!

The Barbie Movie

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you are more than likely familiar with this summer’s box office smash hit: The Barbie Movie.

While I was never a big fan of Barbie dolls (I much preferred my Breyer horses!), I took the kids to see Barbie in the theater. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the movie and much it made me laugh!

Our elf is always searching for new and creative ideas during the off season. I decided to help him out and got to work designing a brand new printable pack and I am really excited to share with you (FREE)! Our elf is channeling is inner KEN and is enjoying some time in his “Elf-Dom.” His Mojo Dojo Casa House is adorned with Barbie’s pink walls and rug, but has lots of Ken-approved accessories all over the place.

  • Pictures of horses
  • Horse statues
  • Letterboards with fun elf/Ken-inspired sayings
  • Surf board
  • Rollerblades (he never goes anywhere without them!)
  • I am Kenough Christmas Sweater

There are even more accessories included in our printable pack than are pictured above! See the pack below:

Barbie Elf Printable Kit

Supplies for the Scene

Here is the list of supplies that our elf gathered up to create the scene pictured above:

Barbie Movie Elf Printable Pack

Get the printable: Barbie Movie Elf Themed Printable Pack

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How to Set Up an Elf Mojo Dojo Casa House

Give these directions to your elf!

1. Gather all supplies and cut out the pieces that you want to use from our printable pack. I suggest printing the pack out on white cardstock to make the props a bit sturdier than using regular paper.

2. This is the pink rug we used. It is 2×3 feet, basically the size of an average welcome mat. I recommend opening the package and giving the shag fabric a little “floofing” so that the rug has a fluffy (and not flat) look.

Small Pink Shag Rug

3. Tape a string of battery operated fairy lights to your backdrop. We used a photography backdrop and taped a strand of lights at random spots all over the board.

Taping fairy lights to board
Fairy lights on board

4. Tape some pink tissue paper over the lights onto the backdrop. The effect is so pretty when the lights shine through the tissue paper!

Set the backdrop against the wall (or on a chair or shelf or whatever works for your space). Place the rug down in front of the backdrop.

Lights and rug

5. Use tape to attach the sweater to the front of your elf. Doesn’t he look snazzy?

Elf with Kenough Tee

6. Now it’s time to decorate the scene! As you can see, we set this one up right in our kitchen on a chair. I know that my “creative” cropping can make it look like we have access to a photo studio or dedicated elf space, but rest assured, we are just like you! We dropped this elf scene right in the middle of our busy every day. LOL

Elf scene in kitchen

Use the props however they work best for you! That “chair” the elf is sitting on? It’s just a glittery drink tumbler I pulled out of the pantry!

You can pick and choose which printables you include in your scene… do not feel pressured to use them all! I tried to include some variety so that you (and your elf!) could pick and choose.

Close up elf dom saloon sign
Elf Portrait Landscape
Elf Barbie Land Tall

That’s it!

We really hope that you love this one! I’m sure you can tell – it was A LOT of fun to create.

If you use our printable pack, definitely drop us a comment and let us know how your scene turned out! Even better – if you post a picture of your elf Barbie movie scene on social media, TAG US. We love seeing our printables in action!

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Barbie Elf Scene PIN

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