6 Products That Will Pamper Your Pony

Pony Pampering Products

Pampering Pony Products

If you are lucky enough to have a pony to spoil, you may want to know what you can do to pamper your pet and show it some extra love. Pony pampering is an excellent way to bond with the animal while taking the best care of it. Check out these five products that will help you pamper your pony.

1. Dandy Brush

Get the perfect dandy brush for your horse. You want to choose something with long bristles to make the grooming process more manageable. Brushing your horse is an excellent way to eliminate any shedding hair while helping make the animal feel more comfortable. Take a gentle approach when brushing your pony. If you’re not too rough with the brush, you can expect your pony to enjoy the experience while looking forward to these grooming sessions.

2. Equine Horse Shampoo and Conditioner

Get a high-quality shampoo and conditioner made for ponies, such as Wahl Dirty Beastie Shampoo. Use the shampoo to clean the fur, removing traces of dirt and dust from your pony’s body. Then, rinse off the shampoo, apply the conditioner, and allow it to soak on the fur for several minutes before rinsing and leaving your horse with a bright, shiny coat that looks great. The shampooing and conditioning feel good to the pony and leaves the animals looking and smelling their best.

3. Equine Massage Roller

Treat your pony to a comforting and relaxing massage by using an equine massage roller on its body. It relaxes the muscles, reduces discomfort, and eliminates any tension throughout the body. Gently use the massage roller throughout your pony’s body before or after the brushing, shampooing, and conditioning process. Think about how good you feel after getting a therapeutic massage. Your pony will feel the same!

4. Mesh Fly Sheet Blanket

A lightweight fly sheet is a great option for your pony to keep comfortable throughout the summer months. Along with providing plenty of shade to keep your horse out of the direct sunlight, consider buying a mesh fly sheet. These blankets increase the comfort of ponies and horses of all sizes, keeping them cool to prevent them from getting overheated on days when the sun is scorching. The sheet also helps keep the flies and other biting bugs off of your pony’s coat. 

5. Jolly Ball Stall Snack System

Keep your pony occupied while giving the animal something to look forward to with the convenient Jolly Stall Snack System. This one in particular comes with the apple scented Jolly Ball and hanger. (The treat portion at the top needs to be purchased separately.) Horses love licking and biting at the ball, while bopping it around. It’s a great way to show the animal how much you care.

6. HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves

Add a little spa-like ambience to your horse’s next bath with these pet grooming gloves! Not only do they help to suds up the shampoo to get a great lather, they also give a massaging bath experience. These gloves also help to remove hair that your pony is shedding.

If you want to pamper your pony, these are five products that you should consider purchasing. It’s always good to dedicate a day of the week to pampering your four-legged friend and showing the animal how much you love it. The effort won’t go unnoticed by your pony. The animal will enjoy the quality time spent bonding with you during pampering sessions.


6 Products That Will Pamper Your Pony

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