5 Ways to Keep Your Horse Cool in Summer

Knowing how to keep your pet cool in the summer is crucial if you’re a new horse owner. (Even if you have owned horses for years, a little refresher never hurts!) You wouldn’t want your horse to feel overheated because that could cause the animal to collapse or end up with serious injuries. So put effort into keeping your horse as cool as you’d like to feel on those hot summer days when the temperature keeps rising.

Sunset horse ride

Keep the Water Bucket Full of Fresh Water

Always have plenty of fresh water for your horse to drink. Use the coldest water possible from the hose and add it to different buckets on the ground, giving your horse opportunities to drink fresh water while he roams around. It’s easy for cold water to become warm when it’s sitting out in the sun, so you might want to consider adding some ice cubes into each bucket full of water to keep it colder for more extended periods.

horse drinking water

Use a Wet Sponge on Your Horse’s Body

On those days when it feels too hot to handle being outside, it’s a good idea to keep your horse feeling cool and comfortable by soaking a sponge in cold water and gently rubbing it against the body. As you gently press the sponge against the coat and skin of your horse, it will feel that soothing, cool sensation that brings relief on hot days. It’s a simple and easy trick that works well for animals. This is an especially good thing to do for your horse after a sweaty ride.

horse bath

Invest in a Cooling Blanket for the Horse

Consider buying your horse a protective cooling blanket that it can wear. These blankets are available in different sizes and colors. Once you’ve purchased the blanket, you can wet it with cold water before carefully putting it on your horse to help keep the animal cool. It’s an excellent way to help your horse combat the heat, especially if she’s running around outside despite those high temperatures.

Offer Plenty of Shade 

Make sure you have plenty of shade to offer your horse. If you’re concerned about the animal spending too much time in the sun on a day when it’s too hot, be sure to bring your horse back into the barn to get some rest. The horse will feel more comfortable in a shaded area surrounded by hay and bedding than it would if it were out in the direct sunlight for hours on end.

Trees provide excellent shade as well!

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Keep Fur Trimmed

Be sure to keep your horse’s fur trimmed during those warmer summer months. If you have long hair or have ever had it before, you know how hot it can make you feel on those scorching summer days. However, if you keep up with your horse’s grooming by trimming its fur and braiding its mane and tail, you can make your horse feel more comfortable during the hot weather months. You can pick up an equine trimmer which is made specifically for trimming your horse’s coat.

Use these different methods to keep your horse cool. If you’re putting effort into providing the horse with fresh water, a cooling blanket, plenty of shade, and more, you can expect the animal to stay healthy and in good shape, even when it’s hot and humid outside.

Do you have another great way to keep your horse cool in the summer? Drop us a comment and tell us about it! 


5 Ways to Keep Your Horse Cool in Summer PIN

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