10+ Horse Show Supplies to Grab at Five Below

Last week I was perusing the shelves at my local Five Below store and found a bunch of items to add to this year’s horse show supplies. Take a look at what I found below and start thinking about what new additions your horse show essentials might benefit from!

Horse Show Supplies at Five Below HERO

Each year as the last snowflake melts and the sun starts to warm everything back up, we look forward to a new horse show season! Most of the time we show locally, though on occasion we’ll head to a show further from home. We keep many of our horse show supplies in the tack room and horse trailer, but of course some things always find their way into our house.

Before the season really takes off, I always try to rummage through our supplies to make sure that we are good to go. I toss the expired medicines and toiletries from the horse show bag.

Horse Show Supplies at Five Below

Five Below, if you have never been, is a discount store of sorts. Many items in the store are priced at $5 or less. However, in recent years, the chain has added a “Five Beyond” selection of items that cost more than $5. While I always liked knowing that everything in the store was just 5 bucks or less, I do like some of the bigger items that they carry.

I love the extensive variety of travel-sized toiletries and supplies at Five Below! These items would work wonderfully in your horse show survival kit!

travel sized items five below

Five Below is a store that I tend to shop at seasonally. They always get a huge selection of fun items for Christmas gifting, and then Spring, Summer and Fall always have interesting decor and other things to peruse.

Spring and summer are going to be your best bet for finding many of the outdoor-specific products noted below.

Alright, let’s dig in. Here’s what we found!


Long days at an outdoor horse show require clothing layers and definitely some sunscreen. Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen. Don’t forget some SPF for your lips as well!

Sunscreen at Five Below

Bug Repellent

Also important at horse shows – bug repellent! You can buy bug repellent in many forms, including sprays, lotions and even bracelets. If you find yourself at a particularly buggy show, you will want to use repellent (and of course don’t forget to pack some equine fly spray for your 4 legged friends!). Be sure to check for ticks when you get home!

Bug spray and itch relief gp

Rain Gear

Expect the unexpected! Keep ponchos and umbrellas within close reach. Rain during a horse show day can be a big bummer, but having some rain gear on hand can make all the difference between being miserable and tolerating the weather. Hats with brims and rain boots are also excellent rain protection.

umbrellas gp
rain ponchos

Camp Chair

Do you have one of these chairs-in-a-bag? We have about 6 of them and keep 2 of them in each car at all times. They come in so handy, sometimes when you least expect it! Make sure you have a spot to sit at your next horse show – these chairs make easy, instant seating just about anywhere.

Camp Chair Five Below

Lint Rollers

When a rider enters the show ring, her outfit should be crisp, clean, and stain-free. Keep a lint roller in your bag for last minute hair removal from hunt coats, saddle pads and pants. Your horse’s coat likes to shed everywhere and anywhere, so a small lint roller will work wonders at removing much of it.

lint rollers

Tide to Go Stain Pen

No matter how careful you are, stains love to find their way onto horse show clothes. Having a Tide Pen or Shout Wipes on hand will help to remove much of the stain AND prevent the stain from setting until you can wash the garment.

Tide to go pen

Elastic Hair Ties

Keep a supply of hair ties on hand! I am always stashing replenishments in my purse and in the car and horse show bag. From braiding a younger rider’s hair to just getting your hair off your face on a hot day, grab elastic hair ties in bulk.

Hair elastics

Hair Brush

We love the Wet Brush line. The brushes work well and seem to get tangles on with little effort. Five Below almost always has a supply of these mini Wet Brushes. They are the PERFECT size to stash in your bag! (If you’d rather a regular sized Wet Brush, you can always grab those online or at any number of local retailers.)

Small Plastic Rugs

We LOVE these outdoor rug throws! They are water-resistant and work wonderfully as little throw rugs around your trailer site or as a place to sit down. These mats at Five Below were smaller in size (similar to a beach towel). If you want a larger one to cover a decent amount of ground, check out an outdoor campsite rug. These rugs are wonderful to set up under your EZ Up Tents to give kids and adults a spot to rest!

Plastic rug mat gp

Cooler Bags

Keep drinks and other perishables cool with a cooler bag! Five Below had cooler bags and also a picnic basket tote.

Picnic basket and cooler bag gp

Outdoor Blankets

Similar to the plastic mats above, these outdoor blankets are great for an easy spot to sit. Unlike the mats above, these blankets fold up nicely and into compact squares. They won’t take up much storage space and it’s a great idea to keep a couple in your car so that you have them when needed.

Picnic Blanket gp

Phone Charging Cords and Battery Packs

I tend to use my phone a lot at horse shows. If I’m not texting results to someone or looking up the order of go on the online program, I’m draining my battery taking pictures and videos. Five Below has an extensive offering of charging cords, battery banks and other phone supplies and accessories. Battery packs in particular are extremely helpful to have on hand for a quick charge anywhere you happen to be.

Phone cords
Power bank for phones

Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Horses, germs, poop, dirt… antibacterial hand wipes and hand sanitizer are ALWAYS good items to pack into your bag for a show. You never know what might need to be wiped off or cleaned up!

Regular baby wipes are also very helpful to have on hand!

antibacterial hand wipes

Breyer Horses!

Totally NOT a must-pack or technically a horse show supply… but check out the adorable line of Breyer horses and unicorns that Five Below carries for $5/each. They would make great prizes or fun little incentives for your farm’s youngest riders.

Breyer Horses Five Below

I hope this list was helpful to you as you pack for your horse show!


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