10 Great Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Your Horse

There’s no use in denying it: one of the best things about owning or leasing or exclusively lessoning a horse is being able to pamper him! We love buying treats for our horses and Christmas is no exception! Check out this list of fun stocking stuffer ideas to give your horse.

Christmas Horse

Christmas Stockings for Horses

It is fun to put up Christmas decorations in the barn! A red bow here, evergreen swag there.. simple holiday accents can go a long way to add some Christmas cheer to a space! Barns are no exception!

Now, one word of warning: be aware that horses looooooove exploring new objects and often try to EAT things that they shouldn’t. Your best bet is to make sure Christmas decorations in the barn are hung up and out of reach from your herd. We learned the hard way that our horses, one in particular, LOVE to eat… STOCKINGS.  Oops! (And no, I don’t mean he actually chewed it up and digested it. I mean that he systematically ripped each stocking down and then proceeded to shred it into little strips of fabric that were strewn all over the barnyard.

So, after that mess, we learned that Santa had to hang the stockings in the back of the barn, far away from the Stocking Shredder.

We also learned that it was a bit pointless (opinion) to spend oodles of money on fancy personalized stockings that were going to get dirty and possibly chewed. Therefore, it’s now only the dollar store’s finest for our four-legged friends! (Guess what? They don’t care!)

Stocking Stuffers for Horses

Here are some fun and affordable gifts to treat your horse to this year!

Homemade Horse Treats

Try your hand at some homemade horse treats. (They’re really not that difficult to make!)

Kid Hand Horse Shaped Treats

Himalayan Salt Lick

These Himalayan salt licks are not only tasty, but they help replace lost electrolytes!

Massaging Mitt

Pamper your horse with a massaging muscle rub! This Tough-1 Rubber Jelly Massage Mitt is just the ticket.

Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging Ball Apple Flavored Treats

These treats are a 2-in-1… part snack, part boredom buster. Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging Ball Apple Flavored Treats are a great gift for horses.

Hanging Feeder Toy

Here’s another fun toy that doubles as a treat! Hang this hanging feeder toy up in the barn as a great boredom buster.

Mega Ball

This one comes delated and you blow it up for your horses the kick and nudge around. Our horses love this Mega Ball! It’s a decent size at 25″ in diameter.

Tiger’s Tongue Horse Groomer Scrubber Massager

This unique scrubber is supposed to mimic a cat’s tongue. The Tiger’s Tongue horse groomer loosens dirt and grim while massaging.

Pet Grooming Gloves

Similar to the Tiger’s Tongue, these pet grooming gloves provide massage relief during bath time. They also do a great job loosening mud and dirt.

Candy Canes

Yup, good old candy canes! Many horses love these minty candies! They make a great post-ride (or anytime) treat!

Equine Corner Scratcher

These equine Stall Corner Scratchers mount on the barn walls and provide a spot for horses to scratch up against.

We hope this post was helpful with some great Christmas gift ideas for your horses! Let us know what items you would add to our list. Drop us a comment and tell us about it! 


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