10 Equestrian Exercises with Limited Space and Poles


While riding, I love to make up jump courses and patterns to spice up my ride. However, with my limitations on space and number of poles available, finding patterns that I can do safely and completely can be a little challenging. After many google searches for different exercises, most of them require more space or … Read more

Moving Horse Paper Plate Craft

Moving Horse Plate Craft HERO

Get ready to gallop into a super fun craft activity: a moving horse paper plate craft! This art project is the perfect activity for kids and equestrians alike. Follow the steps below to make an adorable moving horse puppet using just a few simple (and common!) materials. This project is not only a great way … Read more

Dollar Store Horse Show Supplies

Horse show dollar store supplies

If you have spent ANY amount of time in the equestrian world, you know that “bargain” is a word heard few and far between. Let’s face it: the equestrian world is not a cheap one. But just because our four-legged friends tend to be wallet-drainers, there ARE a few easy ways to save a little … Read more

Kentucky Lemonade for Derby Day

Kentucky Lemonade Bourbon HERO

As the thundering hooves race down the track and the exhilarating roar of the crowd fills the air, there’s no better way to celebrate the Kentucky Derby than with a glass of Kentucky Lemonade in hand. This drink is an excellent alternative to the famous Mint Julep. Here’s how to make this refreshing bourbon delight … Read more

Eco-Friendly Products for Horses and Equestrians

with items Eco Friendly Horse Products HERO

As equestrians, our bond with nature is undeniable. We spend countless hours in the company of our beloved horses, treasuring the open fields, the air swirling around us, and the very ground we ride on. So it’s only natural that we should strive to protect and preserve this environment that is so integral to our … Read more

Mini Stick Horse Craft

Mini Stick Horse HERO

Today, we’re diving into a fun DIY project that is the perfect craft for any horse fan. Make a mini stick horse and use it to decorate your home or barn… or turn it into a unique handmade Christmas ornament. This mini stick horse craft is a nod to the traditional stick horses (or hobby … Read more

Printable Easter Horse Banner Craft

Happy Easter Banner HERO

Trot right into the spirit of Easter with this special craft that’s perfect for adding a touch of horse-meets-Easter to your home or barn. This DIY Easter Horse Banner is bright, colorful, and the printable file is FREE! Gather your crafting supplies and let’s get started! This Easter horse banner craft is the perfect addition … Read more

Shamrock Pony Paper Craft

Shamrock Horse HERO

Are you ready to bring a dash of good luck and Irish cheer into your home or barn? With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, we’ve got the perfect craft that combines your love for horses and the luck of the Irish. It’s simple, it’s pretty, and it’s a wonderful way to add a touch … Read more

What to Pack for Horseback Riding Lessons


When you or your child first start out with riding lessons, one of the biggest questions you will probably have is what do you pack in a riding lesson bag? That’s a great question! The supplies that you pack for riding lessons start out very basic and then over time you might add more items … Read more

Cookies and Cream Shamrock Shake Recipe

Cookies and Cream Mint Shakes HERO

We have the perfect post-ride sweet treat to share with you today! Gather up ingredients to make minty OREO cookies and cream Shamrock Shakes! This delicious spinoff of the seasonal favorite, Shamrock Shakes, is a great way to celebrate a Spring ride or horse show. We love celebrating sweet rides with sweet treats! Whether we’re … Read more